Renovating and Expanding to Reach the One

An architectural design of the new generation Reach Church building.

Conceptual Video of Building Renovations

The Call

God has called us to be a multi-generational church, which includes REACHING the next generation (kids & youth). This includes YOU and this includes ME. ALL of us are needed as one big church family!

It’s important for our building to align with God’s calling as we look to impact our community and city. We believe that God has placed us in a strategic location in the city of Des Moines to “Reach the ONE who is disconnected from God.”

In order to accomplish our big vision and lay the foundation for decades to come, God is leading us to “renovate and expand to REACH the ONE.” The focus of our building renovation will be on the following areas:

External (outside of the building)

Internal First Impressions (lobby)

Worship Experience (auditorium)

Next Generation (kids & youth)

The Opportunity

The total renovation cost to transform the priority areas in our facility will be around $10 million. We are very grateful to have a strong financial start from our land sales that God has blessed us with! Our goal is to continue to be debt free at the completion of construction. Therefore, we will need to raise a remaining $250,000 in addition to our available cash on hand to complete the needed renovations without taking on any debt.

Our building renovations and goal to raise $1 million is part of our “Local Ministry Expansion” focus within Global Impact. This will allow us to reach more in our own community and expand our base for making a difference all around the world.

An architectural design of the new generation Reach Church auditorium.