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don't do life alone

Life is better together

We believe life is not meant to be lived alone. God designed us to be in community with others. Connect Groups are small groups of people who meet on a regular basis to help fulfill our values of Family & Fun, Spirit-Empowered, and Multiplication-Minded.

An image showcasing a group of young adults seated on chairs around tables within a room at the Reach Church facility.
An image in stock representation, depicting individuals sitting in a circle with their arms around each other in a display of unity and solidarity.An image depicting a group of young individuals socializing and spending time together within the premises of the Reach Church facility.An image capturing individuals holding hands while seated at a table, with Bibles placed in front of each of them, in a stock image representation.

Join a Connect Group

Whether it's through sermon series groups, serving our community, or sharing a common interest, we encourage everyone to join a Connect Group and begin growing in their relationship with God and His church.
Bible Study Groups:
Study biblical passages and books
Affinity Groups: Men, Women, Mixed, Young Adults and others based on areas of interest
Specialty Groups: Celebrate Recovery, Grief Share, Alpha, Financial Peace
Community Groups: Meet to help others and serve our community/city.
Sermon Series Groups: Meet with a specific study guide based on a sermon series

LEad a connect group

Interested in leading a Connect Group? We’ve got everything you’ll need to get started.

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