100 Days of Faith

100 Days of Faith is a spiritual journey to deepen our relationship with God, reach the ONE and release radical generosity.

Conceptual Video of Building Renovations

3 primary focuses are:


This is about seeking God

  • 100 days of fasting & prayer
  • Daily prayer guide
  • Weekly prayer meeting and various Pursuit Nights
Download Prayer Booklet Here


This is about “Reaching the ONE who is disconnected from God”

  • Identify several people who are disconnected from God
  • Pray for them
  • Invite them to church with you


This is about Radical Generosity

  • Raise $1 million in 100 days for “Renovating & Expanding to Reach the ONE”
  • Allow God to stretch you to give generously in a new way
  • Obey by faith what the Holy Spirit is asking you to give